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Organic freshly pressed apple juice

We have had an amazing apple harvest this year with an ancient cooking apple tree so laden with apples the branches were almost touching the ground. We also have another very old eating apple tree which was struggling  when we arrived with barbed wire growing into the trunk. After lots of TLC and the removal of the diseased dead or damaged branches it has been rejuvenated and provided an enormous crop of delicious eating apples.

They have all been collected including the windfalls, Sunday we spent the day pressing and bottling the juice, so far we have 40 litres of refreshing juice with at least 4 times that amount to do yet.


Eating apples in the round basket cookers in the square box.

The large cooking apples were cut into two, the eaters left whole. They are then put through a garden shredder.

An empty pillow case is placed into the apple press with the pulp then put into the press and the pillow case pulled across the top of the fruit. The handle of the press is then twisted and the lid lowered onto the fruit. The resulting juice then pours into the bucket underneath.

Some of the juice we put into clean plastic milk bottles and it was frozen.

The remainder was Pasturised and put into sterilised empty wine bottles.

To Pasturise the juice it is placed into a large jam kettle and heated to 74degrees centigrade for 15 seconds.


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