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Frozen mud maid

Winter has arrived in our magical valley minus 9 last night, Morwena our mud maid looks ethereal coated silver in ice. She lies asleep in the Stumpery, made from logs we found in the field. The area is in the shade and is planted with ferns and other shade loving plants, toad lilies appear in the spring with there little nodding heads. The magnificent angelica appears in the summer and happily self seeds in the area.

It is all fairly new this only being the second winter, earlier in the year she was completely covered in moss but  with the hot summer, the moss disappeared  something I am hoping to address next year.

She is 9  feet (3 metres long) with grass for hair which turns red in the summer. She is raised on a slope  in the front I have planted a patchwork carpet of ground cover which will flower, in the summer like her very own flowery duvet.



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