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Sticky apple and cinnamon buns

These are definitely a favourite in our house. They freeze well and the dough can be frozen at anytime in the process so you can make them at a later date. I often make the dough and leave it in the fridge to rise overnight,then continue the process the next morning. Warm apple, cinnamon and toffee straight out of the oven with morning coffee is a sure fire winner. The filling can be varied with nuts instead of the apple and chocolate spread instead of the butter mixture.



500gm  strong white flour

40gm castor sugar

10gm salt

250gm milk

60gm butter

15gm fresh yeast

2 eggs


185gm butter

185gm soft brown sugar

1/4tsp salt


185gm butter

185gm castor sugar

ground cinnamon ( I use a dessertspoon full but use to taste)

2 cooking apples sliced thinly


Mix flour castor sugar and salt into a bowl. Warm milk and butter together to hand hot then whisk in the yeast. Add this together with the eggs to the flour and mix with a dough hook on slow for about 15 mins or mix by hand till it feels elastic. Leave in a warm place until the dough has doubled in size. I cover the bowl with a damp T towel to prevent a skin forming. It will take roughly an hour in a warm place. (it will also rise in the fridge if left overnight)


Once the dough has risen turn it onto a floured work top and flatten gently to remove the air, fold the dough about four times into the center, shape into a ball and put back into the bowl. Leave to rise again for about  30 mins

Beat the ingredients from the second list and spread into a baking tin, I use a large roasting pan.wp_20161123_20_56_24_pro

Once the dough has risen again turn onto a floured surface and roll out into a large oblong as thin as you can get the dough, you will find it very elastic at this stage. Spread the ingredients from the third list on to the flattened dough, then roll up like a swiss role.

Then slice it into slices and place the cartwheels into the baking tray. Leave to rise again until they are roughly double in size. (see fourth picture)

Bake in a preheated oven 190C or 180C fan for 25mins. leave in the tin for five minutes so the toffee settles, then take out of the tin so the bottom of the buns becomes the top.



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