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Wildlife Pond from old Tyre’s.

DSC_0077Our bottom field is very wet and swampy when we first moved here four years ago we planted 125 native trees in the field including willow and elder as a result of this it has dried up slightly.

We decided to build a large wildlife pond on this site as despite being surrounded with moving water in the form of a river and brook. Having still water would attract a different type of wildlife. Hopefully we will soon be surrounded by frogs newts and dragon flies.

The field slopes away towards the river so rather than try and dig too deep in the swamp of a field we blocked the low sides with tyres and dug out the higher end. The overall diameter is 6 metres with variable depths between 30cm to 1 metre.DSC_0121 We used about 60 tyres in total first placing them around the area to get the shape.

The tyres to the left of the picture is the natural high end with field falling away towards the river here we piled them higher. Dreadful weather the day we started the dig with Scott and Brian here in full waterproofs before even filling the pond. All seasons weather that day wind, rain, snow, sleet and a tiny bit of sunshine.

DSC_0119As soon as we started digging the potential pond turned into a swamp and we were floundering around in mud.DSC_0120As we dug the tyres around the pond were filled with the soil removed. At the end of the day the tyres were full of mud and so was the pond.DSC_0150Day 2 trying to empty the pond so we could remove as much silt as possible and line with old carpet and a pond liner to prevent the pond emptying during the summer. looking at this picture you would think a liner would not be required but, during the summer months it would probably get very low without a liner.

Picture below shows the use of a water pump to pump out the water. Adam turned it into a rather clever water canon so we could empty the pond to line with carpet and liner. DSC_0160The reason for lining with carpet is to prevent tree roots stones etc piercing the liner. Adam and Brian maneuvering lengths of old carpet into place .DSC_0166DSC_0164Bottom of pond completely covered  with carpet.DSC_0168

At last the under liner and lining could go in place.We could now fill it up.Pump put into the river to  fill. We also incorporated a natural channel of water running down the hill. More photos to follow  with the completely full pond and ingenious tin channel.DSC_0178

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