My name is Sharon McCready and I have lived in this beautiful magical valley on the banks of the River Severn in Mid Wales, for almost 4 years. I have gardened for about 30 years and would describe myself as an obsessive amateur. When we moved here a friend said “this valley will either suck you in completely or push you away “. I am completely sucked in, spending every waking hour outside.

I share my home with long-suffering husband Peter, 2 dogs, chickens, ducks and a lovely ginger Tom Ozzy.

I have started this blog to share information on the many projects we have finished or are working on in our beautiful garden. We have four acres in total being divided between garden, vegetable plot, orchard and new woodland and wildflower meadow.  When we moved into the property the garden was nonexistent with two fields knee high in thistle  brambles and barbwire. Access to the river was blocked with brambles and weed. Along the way the projects have been challenging, comical and just downright exhausting.

Over the last 3 and a half  years we have struggled, with the elements and the ever increasing onslaught of Brambles to get a lovely haven of tranquility. It rewards us daily with its beauty and fresh organic fruit and vegetables. We garden organically and encourage wildlife as much as possible, planting profusely for bees and butterflies.

Along the way we have had help from friends and volunteers. There remains much to do battle with, but we are gradually winning the war. We hope to be able to open the garden to visitors soon so others can enjoy our labour of love and the wonderful Severn valley setting.

I hope to offer tips and guides on the blog as well as seasonal recipes and updates on the garden.