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Giant Parsnip

First post for ages, main reason being the enormous Clay Oven in the background of this picture it has been a labour of love and we are still working on landscaping the area underneath it.

I will also admit I am struggling to get my head around using the site i am hoping to get better. These little posts are a practice run.

I hope to post full instructions on building the oven together with photos of the process.

The vegetable beds have  been neglected this year due to all the time spent trying to get the flower garden and river bank under control.

We had a good frost last night so I decided to have a look at the parsnips this morning and this was the beast I dug up. As you can see it was enormous, enough to add to a beef stew and roast some in the oven, despite neglect and its huge size it was delicious. Throwing the water from the duck bath together with their poop is obviously feeding them well.